Sunware FOX-062 Miniature-Solar Charge Regulator

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FOX-062 plug-in charge controller 6A 12/24V, overload protection, 3-colour LED

Delivery from Germany: 2-4 days


The Sunware FOX-062 Miniature-Solar Charge Regulator is a highly modern miniature-charge regulator for 12 V and 24 V solar systems. Even though the size is small, it is set up to handle powersurges for solar power of 6 A. Protection of electric backflow is integrated.

The charging limit can be set through the red DIP switch in the controler body for lead-acid, GEL or AGM batteries. With a slide, the opening can be closed so that a changing by accident and entering of dirt is impossible.

On the solar entry side, there is a SureSeal socket in that the SureSeal plug is plugged in to. On the output side of the battery is a car plug with integrated safety. If the red adapter is removed on top of the plug, also a car socket can be used.

Delivery includes 1m cable 2×1.5 mm² with SureSeal plug on one end. With that every module can be connected directly to the charge regulator.

Note: To this charge regulator, modules with a maximal performance of 100 Wp can be connected.

Technical Data

12 V / 24 V system voltage
6 A max. solar power (lsc)
100 Watt solar power at 12 V
200 Watt solar power at 24 V
LED indicator

High charging degree of effectiveness
The charge regulator is built as a serial regulator with an active electrical backflow protection. Therefore a charging degree of effectiveness of 98% is achieved. In contrast to MPPT regulators, this regulator type has a up to 20% higher charging performance while using 12 V or 24 V solar modules. The high converter losses are being avoided completely.
The serial regulator really stands out in very low lighting, where with the MPPT regulators the converting losses almost completely destroy the earning.
Since the FOX-062 works almost loss-free, no cooling body is needed. The best proof is the optimal layout of the circuit.

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