Lithium Battery Victron Peak Power Pack LiFePO4 12,8 Volt (8-40Ah)

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12v /8Ah, 20ah, 30Ah, 40ah
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A lithium-ion battery pack with intrinsically safe LiFePO4 cells, a built-in charger, and which is suitable for excessive discharge current
Ideal for mobile applications: light weight and easy installation
Output 1: High-power output for movers, and other high performance applications
Output 2: Extra output for direct power consumers with low consumption (for 20Ah, 30 Ah and 40Ah model)
VE.Direct connection

Rated Voltage: 12.8V
Battery capacity: 8Ah to 40Ah

Easy and easy to install – Ideal for mobile applications.
Effective protection against improper use-Ideal for solar power and other applications where excessive discharge can quickly cause damage to lead batteries.

Weight 2.2kg, 3.8kg, 5.4kg, 8.6kg
Dimensions (mm) (h x w x d) 92 x 190 x 172/132 x 190 x 172/172 x 190 x 172/212 x 190 x 172

LiFePO4 12.8 Volt 8Ah 92 x 190 x 172 / 2.2kg
LiFePO4 12.8 Volt 20Ah 132 x 190 x 172 / 3.8kg
LiFePO4 12.8 Volt 30Ah 172 x 190 x 172 / 5.4kg
LiFePO4 12.8 Volt 40Ah 212 x 190 x 172 / 8.6kg

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Weight 4 kg

Victron Energy

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