Milk Cooling Kit Phaesun Selfchill 560

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Milk Cooling Kit Phaesun SelfChill 560

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With the SelfChill Lit Milk Cooling, up to 560 liters of milk can be cooled down to 4°C every day and thus provide a longer shelf life. The system is based on the SelfChill concept, in which the cold is generated by the solar-powered SelfChill cooling units and stored in the WaterChiller, an ice reservoir. This ensures efficient cold trans-fer and low losses. The adaptive control unit ensures optimal cold utilization. The double-walled milk cooling tank has an integrated agitator to avoid cold stratification and is also mobile. With the so-lar-powered milk cooling system, milk can be reliably cooled inde-pendently of any infrastructure using only the energy of the sun.

1-Mobile Milk Cooling Tank 560 l
1- WaterChiller with pipes, valves, pumps etc.
6- SelfChill Cooling Units with Adaptive Control Unit
6- Solar module Phaesun PN6M72-350E350W | 12 VDC
3- Solar charge controller MPPT Victron SmartSolar 100/20
6- AGM Battery Phaesun Sun Store 80 Ah (C100)
2- Module structures
1- Cables, installation material
1- Shelf, tubes, connectors

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