Morningstar Solar Charge Controller SSD-25

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Dimensions: 170 x 60 x 43 mm (LxWxH) / 0,3kg
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Morningstar’s SunSaver Duo is an advanced PWM two battery controller for RV’s, caravans, boats and cottages.
This product will charge two separate and isolated batteries at the same time, such as a “house” and an engine battery, based on user selectable priorities.

The SunSaver Duo employs Morningstar’s legendary SunSaver controller technology, whose long-term track record for high reliability and improved battery charging is well-recognized in the solar industry. This controller also includes a backlit remote meter which may be mounted in or on a wall, and displays digital and pictorial status information about the solar power system.


Two Battery Charging
Provides Useful Information
Lower Cost
Easy to Install
Longer Battery Life
Extensive Electronic Protections
Highly Reliable

Technical Data
Rated Solar Input25 amps
• Rated Load OutputNot applicable
• Battery Voltage 12 volts
• Min. Battery Voltage 1 volt
• Max. Battery Voltage 15 volts
• Max. Solar Voltage 30 volts
• Self Consumption Controller 6 to 10 milliamps
Remote meter 6 to 15 milliamps
Dimensions: 170 x 60 x 43 mm (LxWxH) / 0,3kg

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