Outback Communication Manager Hub 10.3

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For Outback systems
Dimension: 270 x 160 x 30 mm
Delivery from Germany: 1-3 days

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10 port communication manager, working with up to 10 FX, VFX & MX and 1 mate
The Hub-10 communication system allows up to 10 Outback FM60s or FM80s to be used in parallel to charge a single battery bank. This allows multiple solar modules to be used for different parts of the battery system connected to different controllers.
In addition to increasing overall solar input, more than one controller uses more than one maximum power point tracker, which benefits from multiple configurations. By having a solar panel pointing east and another facing west, you can design your system to produce a relatively flat charging curve throughout the day, reducing the voltage of your batteries and better matching your loads.
An Outback FM60 or FM80 will be the master controller, other devices will be slave controllers.
Optionally, Outback MATE can be added as a central controller / monitor, and in more highly integrated systems, Hub-4 can serve other Outback products such as inverters / chargers in a stacked or independent configuration.
• Communication order
• consumption breakdown and power saving on / off signals
• Standard interconnection cables
• Ethernet CAT5 with RJ45 modular connectors

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