Outback PV Combiner Box Flexware FWPV 12

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For Outback systems
Dimensions: 387 x 322 x 99 mm (LxWxH)

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The OutBack Power Systems FLEXware PV Series Combiner Box sets the new standard for PV balance-of-system hardware. Ideal for both small or large systems, the FLEXware PV8 and FLEXware PV12 accommodates the overcurrent protection requirements of your application.
From 150VDC breakers for low voltage PV systems, to 600VDC fuse holders for high voltage PV systems, the FLEXware PV Combiner series handles it all.
• Combine Multiple Strings from a Single Array
• Outdoor Rain-Resistant Aluminum Enclosure
• Optimized Wire Routing For Easy Installation
• Tinted Flame-Retardant Polycarbonate Deadfront Panel
• Generous Wiring Conduit Knockouts
• Wall, Roof or Pole Mountable
• Accommodates dual 2/0 AWG output wiring
• Accommodates 150VDC DC Breakers or 600 VDC Fuses

Dimensions: 387 x 322 x 99 mm (LxWxH)
Accommodates up to 12 150VDC breakers (two groups of 6), or 8 600VDC fuse holders (two groups of 4), UL type 3R powder coated aluminium case, includes one TBB and two breaker bus bars

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