Remote Display Western WRD

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Weight 250g
Dimensions 160x95x27mm
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Graphical remote display for Western WRM20+ and WRM30+, 12/24/48 VDC, IP20, Remote Display Western WRD

The WRD is a display and controller device that allows the recording of historical operating data with remote control from the Internet (cloud).
It is possible to put in parallel up to 8 WRM30+ or WRM20+ MPPT controllers with modular charging power up to 14kW and monitor the energy of
the battery bank through the WBM battery monitor.
The WRD is suitable for 12/24/48V systems with lead-acid or lithium batteries.
The simple user interface, at 128×64 pixel resolution display and 4 buttons, allows an immediate view of all parameters: powers, voltages, charge
and PV string currents, energy meters, logger data and events. From the WRD you can make all the setup settings for each single WRM20+/
WRM30+ controller connected and/or WBM battery monitor. Through the WBM it is possible to manage contacts related to the state of charge of
the battery for the intelligent activation of loads.
The removable memory card on the front panel stores the data of the logger. With the ethernet connection it is possible to connect to the cloud
internet so that both the data of the logger and all other functions become remote and accessible with the web interface of the WRM Monitor portal.

Nominal battery voltage 12/24/48V
Supply voltage range V batt 10.0V ÷ 64.0V
Self-consumption Pq 1.0W
Operating temperature T amb -40 ÷ 50
Max cable section terminal (Power and RS485) 1.5mm2
Degree of protection IP20
Weight 250g
Dimensions 160x95x27mm

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