SPR Caravan Kit Solar Peak MPPT LRM1218 120 W 12V

635,50 Incl. Tax

For mounting on your caravan or sailboat
Solar module Sun Peak SPR 120
Incl. adapter cable for EBL
Battery not included.

Delivery: 3-5 days from Germany


SPR Solar system for caravan Kit Solar Peak MPPT LRM1218 120 W | 12V is perfect for easy installation on your caravan or sailboat. They allow easy operation of 12 VDC consumers such as lights, radio, TV / SAT or steam pumps, etc.

These kits are available in different versions with different charging controls and modules to suit the needs of any vehicle. This makes this kit the ideal solution for sufficient power on board. No battery in this kit. A 100 Ah battery is recommended. Download datablad, Download manual.
– Sealing insert Skintop DIX 20260 (1)
– Battery Cable with 20A Fuse no Clamp, with ring terminal M8 (1)
– Solar Module Phaesun Sun Peak SPR 120 (1)
– Solar Charge Controller Schaudt MPP LRM 1218 12V (1)
– Module Fixture Profile Kit Easy Mount One (1)
– Roof Duct Water Proof One White (1)
– Module Cable Phaesun QuickCab4-2.5/5 (1)


Additional information

Weight 18 kg

Phaesun GMBH

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