Victron Ion Control monitoring display for 24V Lithium Ion batteries

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Dimensions: 100x110x39 mm / 0,5 kg
Delivery: 2-4 days from Germany


The Ion Control shows all vital data from the Lithium Battery system:
•Battery voltage (V)
•Battery charge/discharge current (A)
•Ampere-hours consumed (Ah)
•State of charge (%)
•Remaining time at the current rate of discharge until the battery has reached 90% discharge
•Visual alarm: almost charged, almost discharged
It will also show the following historic values:
•The depth of the deepest discharge
•The cumulative number of Amp hours drawn from the battery
•The minimum battery voltage
•The maximum battery voltage
•The minimum cell voltage
•The maximum cell voltageThe diagnostic data displayed is:
•Software versions of the system components
•Total number of automatic system shutdowns, caused by an error
•Last four errors that occurred in the syst

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Weight 1 kg

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