Votronic Batteri Protector 300A

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Dimensions approx. 105 x 62 x 57 mm / 680 gr
For 12V or 24V Batt
Delivery: 4-6 days from Germany

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Operation as Battery Protector:
Optical indication of the operating status by two LEDs
Acoustic alarm can be activated (sounds when the pre-warning threshold is reached or when it is switched off)
Output for external alarm display (max 0.3 A, short-circuit proof)
Suitable for all common types of lead-acid batteries with 12 V or 24 V nominal voltage (lead-acid, gel, AGM,…)
Suitable for Lithium batteries (LiFePO4)
Additionally usable as a powerful battery main switch with protection function
Various switching thresholds configurable
With the EMERGENCY ON function, the shutdown can be canceled manually at any time

Operation as Switch Unit:
Suitable as battery main switch
Electronic delay prevents too fast response, e.g. at voltage drops by switching on strong consumers
Optical indication of the operating status by two LEDs
Alternatively, it can be used as a remote-controlled power relay („Switch Unit“), e.g. at LCD-Battery-Computer S

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