Cool Box Engel MD60F, 60ltr., 12/24Vdc, compressor

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Dimensions: 510 x 310 x 390 mm /31 kg
Delivery: 2-4 days from Germany


ENGEL MD-60F portable fridge/freezer, DC ONLY version (12 and 24V)

Sturdy compressor-based fridge with enamelled sheet steel case. Extremly low power consumption. Ultralight, sturdy and highly portable.

All ENGEL fridges are based on a swing motor compressor. The latest generation of ENGEL Swing Motor compressors is the best proof of this commitment to continuous improvement which is renewed each year: even quieter, even more efficient and with even lower power consumption. Unlike modified household compressors, the ENGEL compressor is the only one on the market that was purpose built and exclusively designed to be a portable refrigerator compressor – a clear advantage that affects all areas. This makes it completely vibration, shock and tilt resistant.

In battery-run units, particularly, the benefits of its low start-up power requirements show to full advantage. Compared with other compressor types used under identical conditions with the same batteries, and especially during normal refrigeration, i.e. temperature ranges around +5 °C, this leads to longer use. And the resulting option of operating with low switch hystereses leads to optimum refrigeration conditions and low temperature fluctuations within the set refrigeration and freezing temperature. Low start-up and nominal currents make the Swing Motor compressor the ideal compressor to suit all off-grid applications and particularly also solar-powered systems.


– High Efficiency
– Minimal Power Consumption
– Low Start-up Power
– Lightweight and quiet
– Long Lifecycle
– Environmently friendly – can be powered by solar energy sources

Voltages 12V / 24V (230V with optional power supply, available separately)
Outside Dimensions 790 x 441 x 490 mm
Inside Dimensions 510 x 310 x 390 mm
Material Sheet steel enamelled
Volume 60 Liter
Temperatur Range +5°C up to -18°C, stepless adjustable control
Power Consumption 52 W (12V)
Weight 32 kg
Specials swing motor compressor, tropical use, Sheet steel case

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Weight 40 kg

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