VOTRONIC D+ Simulator, 3066

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Dimensions without connections: 70 x 36 x 17 mm

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Whenever it is required that additional consumers shall only be switched-on, while the motor is running (the dynamo supplies current), or if simultaneous charging of the board battery is required by interconnection of board and starter battery over a cut-off relay, usually the D+ contact of the dynamo is used for control of a relay.

Quite often, this contact is not accessible in the vehicle, it does not exist anymore at modern dynamos, it is not available at a container body, or generally a voltage-independent control is desired. The VOTRONIC D+ Simulator is the solution. It generates voltage-controlled (such as of the starter battery) the required signal for a following powerful (cut-off) relay. Further cases of application are resulting for control of additional consumers, which shall only be activated, if the battery is sufficiently charged, such as the activation of the air-conditioner during driving, the commutation of a refrigerator or of a refrigerating or heat box to 12 V board operation.

product Features

for 12V battery
max. Switching current 1A
Switching: 13V / 13.7 battery voltage
Power consumption: 1mA / 7mA
Dimensions without connections: 70 x 17 x 36 mm

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