Ice Maker Phaesun Selfchill 50

Ice Maker Phaesun SelfChill 50

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The SelfChill Kit Ice Maker 50 is a self-sufficient solar-powered system for producing ice blocks that can be used to cool fish, meat, other vacuum-packed food or drinks. The ice machine can produce up to 50 kg of ice per day. The system is based on the SelfChill concept, in which the cold is generated by the solar-powered SelfChill cooling units and temperatures down to -18°C can be reached in the WaterChiller, which is filled with a salt solution. Here, ice blocks are produced in the salt water bath using ice containers. This ensures efficient cold transfer and low losses. The adaptive control unit ensures optimal cold utilization. With the solar-powered ice machine, different products can be reliably cooled independently of any infrastructure using only the energy of the sun.

1- WaterChiller = Ice Maker with ice compartments and with pipes, valves, pumps etc.
4- SelfChill Cooling Units with Adaptive Control Unit
4- Solar module Phaesun PN6M72-350E350W | 12 VDC
2- Solar charge controller MPPT Victron SmartSolar 100/20
4- AGM Battery Phaesun Sun Store 80 Ah (C100)
2- Module structures
1- Cables, installation material
1- Shelf, tubes, connectors

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Weight 500 kg

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