Inverter / Charger Studer XPC+ 2200-24/24S

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Pure sinewave stand alone inverter/charger 1600W former XPC 1624 24VDC, 230V 50Hz, IP20, with battery charger 0-40A
Dimensions: 410 x 215 x 124 mm, Weight: 12,6 kg
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Innovative inverter/charger line with a perfect, pure sine wave in a well-designed casing, with CE conform electronics working very silent and reliable. The cables necessary for a simple installation are already included. The option of a remote control, an alarm output and an integrated solar charge controller is a special feature of this product line. These inverters can be used as standard stand alone inverters as well as in UPS (uninterruptible power supply) installations. The possibility of using in parallel extends this product range from 1,3 to 3,5 kW


Pure sinewave inverter
Integrated battery charger with many additional functions
Applicable in Off-Grid and UPS systems

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Inverter / Charger Studer XPC+ 2200-24 – NO solar charger
Inverter / Charger Studer XPC+ 2200-24S – with solar charger

Protection IP20
Current consumption 7 W
Temperature range -20 to +55 ° C
Load detection 1 to 25 W adjustable
Noise level <45 dB
Stand-up: 0.9 W
Peak output power: 2200 W
Efficiency at nominal load: 95%
Input voltage: 19 – 32 V
Output frequency: 45-65 Hz
cooling: Fan
Signal output form:Pure sine wave
Input voltage:24V DC
Exit:Cable, open end
Output voltage:230V / AC
Performance (details):2200 W
inputs:electric wire
Dimensions: 410 x 215 x 124 mm
Weight: 12.6 kg

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Weight 15 kg


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