Level Indicator for Water Tanks, Kemo M167N

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Dimensions ca. 131 x 78 x 36 mm

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Remote Sensing up to 100 m
Battery-powered level indicator for measuring the liquid level of water tanks such as rainwater, sewage chambers or slurry tanks from a distance of up to 100 m. After touching the button, indication occurs via 10 LEDs in steps of 10% each (indication 10 – 100%). The device is earmarked for wall assembly (approx. 131 x 78 x 36 mm) and requires 2 batteries „AA“. Connection is made via terminals inside the device. A normal signal cable (telephone cable, control wire or the like) with at least 11 cores is necessary to connect your water tank with the level indicator (cable is not included). You may also employ cables with less cores, but then it will not be possible to use all indication steps (e.g. with 8 cores only 7 LED indication steps may be used, which is, however, often sufficient).

Technical Data
Operating voltage 3 V (2 AA batteries, not attached)
Display max. 10 LEDs and 1 LED for the battery control
Measuring points in the water tank 1 – 10, switchable
Current consumption during the measurement (button is pushed) max. 120 mA if all LEDs light up
Max. cable length between the level indicator and water tank 100 m
Required cable to the water tank telephone cable or similar cable with at least 11 cores
Measuring current at the water tank probe approx. 50 μA per channel
Dimensions approx. 131 x 78 x 36 mm

Extension in case of bigger measurements
This module is normally to be used for measuring water levels in rain containers, water containers, etc. Our clients have asked us if the module can be used to measure bigger containers like for example a dwell, where the separation of the measurement electrodes is of approx. 5 m. Due to the big separation between the higher and the lower electrode in this kind of measurements (approx. 40 m), the intensity of the measurement display (LED´s) can become weak. In order to avoid this, we recommend installing the electrodes with a parallel long tube for all of the electrodes (See picture).

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