Phocos CXM 1.2- remote display for charge controller Phocos CXN

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Dimensions: 127 x 45 x 13 mm

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1.2- CXM Remote Display for Phocos Charging regulator CXN between 10 and 40A

Remote Display CXM1.2
Dimensions: 127 x 45 x 13 mm
Weight: 0.18 kg

* CXN series, is an advanced regulator for photovoltaic negative ground. Besides a perfect PWM (regulation with integrated temperature compensation), the regulator show on display programming and security features. Battery charge is clearly displayed with a bar chart. The deep discharging protection function can be set up to five different kinds: controlled voltage, SOC is controlled or adaptive SOC controlled. Acoustic warnings are built in, also a programmable night-light function.
Built-1 Year Data Logger System Analysis
* Choose between 5 load switch algorithms
* Temperature compensated 3 Stage (Boost / absorption / float) Series PWM control
* Automatic detection 12/24 V
* Prepared for DIN rail mounting (CX-DR2.1)


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