Votronic Sewage Water Tank Display S

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Display dimensions: 47x85x20 mm / 25 gr

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The VOTRONIC tank displays had been designed for precise level measuring, and they are suitable for any tank material and tank size. The units vary in the arrangement of the three-colour display light-emitting diodes at the range ends and in the symbols imprinted on the front panel.

The tank levels are represented in form of a clearly arranged luminous bar with 10 lightemitting diodes in three colours allowing that the tank levels can be read conveniently at a glance. The displays are working continuously, since intermediate results are displayed in variable brightness. Thus, also tendencies can be recognised at once. During refuelling and emptying of the tanks, the continuously raising or dropping display shows a direct image of the instantaneous level allowing complete control of the procedure. Also the continuous operation of the display contributes to this control. At the touch of a button, the display can be switched-on or -off, or it is switched-off automatically after approx. 10 minutes.

Sewage Water Tank Display S / meter
Display dimensions: 47x85x20 mm / 25 gr
Power consumption: 1-30 mA
Supply voltage 12V 24V

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