Water Purification System Bio-Sun BS85

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1 solar module 1200 x 600mm, 85W/12V, 500 litres/h flow
Dimensions: 1400 x 600 x 396 mm (LxWxH) /115.00 kg
Delivery from Germany : 6-8 days

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BIO-SUN is dimensioned according to the flow rate, in order to guarantee the dose required (expressed in mJ/cm²) sufficient to eradicate at least 99.9 % of the micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, algae in suspension, etc.).BIO-SUN guarantees the microbiological safety of the drinking water and enables the elimi-nation of waterborne diseases, particularly in underpriviledged peri-urban areas (townships, etc.). You just have to fill up the tank with the water* to be disinfected. The water is sub-jected to fine filtration and is disinfected using ultraviolet light (UV-C). In a few seconds the water is safe to be consumed for vital needs

Autonomous water purification station operating with photovoltaic energy,
Water is made microbiologically safe,
Drinking water supply for 80 to 100 persons per day (in accordance with WHO standards),
Low-cost production of drinking water,
Cost of consumables less than € 0.27/1,000 L of water treated,
The terminal can be fixed on a masonry base, or built into the wall of a building (using local materials and labour),
Simple design, easy maintenance,
Contribution to local economic development, making users more responsible (installation, maintenance.

Operating features
Flow 500 liters/hour
Number of hours of production per day4 hours
Volume produced per day: 2 m³2
Operating range3 days3
1 solar module 1200 x 600mm, 85W/12V

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Weight 120 kg

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