Bypass Diode 80SQ045 8A, 90SQ045 9A, 45V

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Diode 80SQ045 8A/45V, 90SQ045 9A/45V

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Bypass Diode 80SQ045 8A / 45V, 90SQ045 9A / 45V

Max voltage 45V
Max courrent: 8 A, 9 A
Case style DO-204AR (JEDEC)

Bypass diodes for solar modules
When part of a PV module is shaded, the shaded cells will not be able to produce as much power as they do not shadow. Since all cells are connected in series, the same amount of power must pass through each cell.

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80SQ045 8A/45V, 90SQ045 9A/45V

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