Energy Generation Kit Solar Up 600 W /24V (no battery)

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2 modules 270W, Steca charge controller MPPT 30A, 24 VDC, cables

Delivery: 4-5 days from Germany

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The Energy Generation Kit Solar Rise 600W /24V offer a high level of energy independence and are the perfect
solution to satisfy bigger energy demands. 230 VAC-consumers such as power tools, household machines or all other AC loads can be easily
operated if you insert an inverter 24V/230V.

For example, the kit can provide efficient energy for refrigerators, cordless phones, laptops, lighting, televisions, fans, and a variety of other tools.

You need a battery minimum 250Ah/24V (not included in this kit)

– 2 pieces solar module 270Wp
– 1 Solar charge controller Steca MPPT 30A W 24 VDC
– 1 Module cable kit 10 m
– 1 battery cables

Additional information

Weight 60 kg

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