Glue Set Easy Bond One

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1 tube TEC7 50ml, 1 can TEC7 cleaner 200ml

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The Glue Set Easy Bond One contain 1 tube TEC7 50ml, 1 can TEC7 cleaner 200ml, Nylon abrasive fleece, grain 280, adhesive surface 25cm²

These glue sets are the perfect solution to fix module mounting sets on many different surfaces such as caravans or boats.

TEC7 is a completely newly developed all-purpose polymere, both for sealing and glueing applications.
TEC7 is extremely hard while remaining permanently flexible. Its adhesion on almost any material is unrivalled even on humid undergrounds. TEC7 sets very quickly and can be overcoated instantly.


Included UV filter
Free of solvents
Not harmful to plastic materials
Tensile strength: 265 N/cm²
Thermal stability: -30°C to +95°C
Not suitable for: PE, PP, silicone and some industrial varnishes

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