Morningstar Solar Charge Controller Sunguard SG-4, 4,5A/12V

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Dimensions: 64 x 51 x 38 mm
Delivery from Germany 2-3 days


Morningstar’s SunGuard is the most advanced small, economical solar charge controller on the market today.
SunGuard’s technology provides:
• Exceptional Reliability
• PWM Battery Charging
• Consistent High Quality
• Low Cost

Rated Solar Input 4.5 Amps
Max. Input (5 min.) 5.5 Amps
System Voltage 12 Volts
Max. Solar Voltage 30 Volts
Regulation Voltage 14.1 Volts
Accuracy 60 mV
Self-consumption 6 mA
Temp. Compensation –28 mV/°C
Reverse Current Leakage <10 μA Operating Temperature –40 to +85°

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