Solar charger Phocos CM10, 10 Amp, 12V

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Dimensions: (W x H x D) 57 x 71 x 27 mm
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PWM Solar charger Phocos CM10, 10 Amp, 12V, with LED display 10A in, max. 170W / 12V solar panels for controlling battery power 12Volt. boat, caravan, motorhome, industrial systems

– System voltage: 12 V
– Maximum current from the solar panels :  10A
– Self-consumption: 4mA
– Dimensions: (W x H x D) 57 x 71 x 27 mm
– Weight: 150 gr
– Arb. Temperature: -10 ° C to + 50 ° C

Installation instructions for charger regulators
1. Mount the solar cell on the roof or on the desired tripod. (Recommended to the south at 45 degrees angle)
2. Fit the charger and battery to a fixed location.
3. Connect the battery cable to the charger controller by respecting the plus and minus polarity of the cable and charger controller.
4. Connect the other end of the cable cable to the battery.
5. Connect the cable to the solar cell on the solar cell – pay attention to plus and minus (brown = plus, blue = minus)
6. Connect the solar cable to the charger controller. Connect lights, radio or TV to the charger controller.
Removal takes place in absolute reverse order!
This also applies when you change the battery only.


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