Bridge SKBPC3510, 35A, 1000V, 3 phase

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3 phases, 1000V / 35A
Dimensions: 29 × 29 mm
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KBPC3510 is a 3-phase glass passivated bridge coupling, for power management, from GoodArk of 35A 1000V. The bridge clutch is 29x29mm with 5 removable cable shoe legs and mounting hole.

Technical data:
VRRM,Rep. peak rev. volt. 1000V
VRMS,Max. RMS voltage,750V I(AV),
Rectified current av., 35A
IFSM,Peak Surge fwd., 425A
VF,Max. forw. volt. drop, 1,2 V
TJ,Operating temp. -55 to 150º C

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