Ceiling Fan PN-Vari-Cyclone 4, 12 & 24 VDC

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Size [mm]: 1450 x 400

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The Vari-Cyclone is our latest addition to the successful Fan line of DC powered ceiling fans. The Vari-Cyclone‘s 60“fan blades, designed by the Florida Solar Energy Center in cooperation with a major fan manufacture, utilize „Gossamer Wind
Technology“ found only in AC powered ceiling fans until now. RCH Fanworks is the only manufacturer of DC powered ceiling fans allowed to use these revolutionary new fan blades. The „Gossamer Wind“ blades allow the fan to produce up to 40% more air flow with no increase in power consumption making the Vari-Cyclone the most energy efficient DC powered ceiling fan available. Speed control for both versions is also available

Nominal voltage [VDC] 12 / 24
Power load [A] 0,5 @ 12 V, 0,78 @ 24 V
Power [W] : 6 , 18,72
Speed [rpm] :60 @ 12 V, 120 @ 24 V
Number of blades: 4
Size [mm]: 1450 x 400
Weight [kg]: 7

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Weight 8 kg

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