Sunware Display FOX-MD1 LCD, for Fox-220 and Fox-320

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For Sunware: Fox-220 and Fox-320
Dimensions: 157 x 41 x 66 mm (LxWxH) / 0,2 kG

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The digital Display shows all information about the battery and the solar system. It is programmable to control the solar system individually. Special functions can be activated.

Dimensions: 157 x 41 x 66 mm (LxWxH) / 0,2 kG

The FOX-MD1 is a remote display for various FOX units. The remote display is easily connected to the FOX unit using the
assembled cable. Due to the large backlit display data can be easily read even in dark environments. If no key is ressed for 10 sec., the backlight switches off automatically.
Depending on the unit connected, the FOX-MD1 will display different data. Parameter values and functional settings can also be changed for the specific device connected.

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