Remote Control Phocos SI-RSW

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Dimension :130 x 120 x 26 mm
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This new inverter series converts DC energy from solar modules into clean, stable AC power that is ideal for power demanding appliances.

Phocos inverters are designed for high efficiency: Integrated advanced microprocessor technology combined with pure sine wave output makes them the perfect choice for use with high-end electronics and electrical equipment. Thanks to their low weight and long lifespan, the SI series inverters are also ideal for mobile and outdoor applications. Overload, short circuit, over/under voltage and overheating protection are standard on all models. All Si-inverters are able to control remotly with optional SI-RSW.

As a special, high-performance benefit the THD (total harmonic distortion) of Phocos’ true sine wave inverters is below 3%, thus providing superior efficiency. Overload, short circuit, DC over/under voltage and overheating protection are standard on all models.


Input/output fully isolated for more application flexibility
Input and output protected against over and under voltage
“Low power saving mode” <1 W (350 W) increases system efficiency and reduces costs
Advanced microprocessor optimizes operation processes while reducing energy consumption
Status indicator for operation verification
Usual home appliances (supplied from AC mains) can be integrated in a small solar home system (12-48V)
Certified for mobile applications (RVs, cars, and many more), certification class B.


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Type, current in/out

CIS-LED-05-1S – 12/24V, 5A, CIS-N-LED-700 10A – 12/24V, 10A, CIS-N-LED-1050 20A – 12/24V, 20A

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