Sunware Display FOX-D1, 12/24V

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For Sunware systems
Dimensions: 100 x 56 x 44 (LxWxH)

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Sunware Fox-D1 is suitable for all 12 VDC or 24 VDC systems. It shows the status of the battery and the current of the system.
The FOX-D1, FOX-D1/E is a universal digital display for the display of the actual battery voltage and the charge or discharge current.

Dimensions 100 x 56 x 44 (LxWxH)
Distance of holes: 91 mm

Current range: . +/- 20A
Voltage range: 8V – 48V
System voltage:12V and 24V
Max. voltage at terminals: 50V
Fuse: 0,5 A, microfuse 5 x 20 mm, quick acting
Ambient conditions: -20 to + 60°C,
non-thawing, protect from humidity
Power required by the device: 1,8 mA (at 1

The pushbutton switch at the front switches the display from voltage display to current display and vice versa.
The device itself can remain switched on, due to the low power requirements of the display.
1. Voltage:
The actual battery voltage is displayed. This gives you information on the charging state of the battery (see table at the end of the operating instructions).
2. Current:
The actual current flowing is displayed. Depending on the direction of the current flow, with or without the sign “-“. Current without algebraic sign is charge current (i.e. flowing into the battery). The “-” sign shows that discharge current is flowing from the battery to the consumers.
The significance of the algebraic sign applies only to instances where the solar modules or consumers have been wired according to our connection plans. If the cables in “IN” and “B-” are interchanged the sign convention is interchanged too

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