24V Voltage regulator for fans

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Dimensions: 54mm x 30mm x 16mm
Input voltage: max: 30V
Output voltage: 24V

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24V Voltage regulator for fans – used to limit the voltage from the solar module to 24V.

So that no matter how high the voltage is, the fan will always get a maximum of 24V.

Almost all “24V” solar modules deliver a voltage between 24-36V even if they are used for 24V batteries or devices

– If the solar solar module is installed on the roof, a 24V voltage regulator for fans is recommended between the solar PV and fan.
– If the solar module is mounted vertically on a south-facing wall, there is no need for this voltage regulator.

Technical data

Input voltage: max: 36V
Output voltage: 24V
Max output current: 1.0 A
Dimensions: 54mm x 30mm x 16mm

Recommended for use with 24V solar cells

Additional information

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