24V Voltage regulator for fans

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Dimensions: 54mm x 30mm x 16mm
Input voltage: max: 36V
Output voltage: 24

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24V  voltage regulator for the fans – is used to limit the voltage from the solar modules to 24V.

So that no matter how high the voltage, the fan will always get maximum 24V.

Almost all solar cells provide a voltage between 30 to 36V even if they are used for 24V batteries or appliances

– If the solar cell mounted on the roof recommended 12V voltage regulator for fans between the solar cell and fan.
– if the solar cell is mounted vertically on a south-facing wall, it is no need for the voltage regulator.

Technical data

Input voltage: max: 401V
Output voltage: 24V
Maximum current: 1.0 A
Dimensions: 54mm x 30mm x 16mm

Recommended for use with the 24V solar modules

Additional information

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