Inverter / Charger Studer XTM 4000-48-01

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Dimensions: 133 x 322 x 466 mm (LxWxH) / 23 kg
Delivery: 6-10 days from Germany


Inverter / Charger Studer XTM 4000-48-01  provide an unmatched freedom of use thanks to its many functions. In a basic application, it offers the functions of inverter, battery charger, transfer system and assistance to the source in all. These functions can be combined and controlled in a totally automatic way for an exceptional comfort and an optimal management of the energy available. Its programmable auxiliary contacts allow for the interconnection with existing systems or the implementation of extended functions as well. Fully programmable by means of its remote control, it enables the update of the software, thus making it an upgradeable product to which new functions may be added further on. By the implementation of several units, it is possible to create a 3-phase source or to set them in parallel to increase the power available. Up to 9 inverters of the Xtender series shall therefore be combined together.

Power: 3500VA
Voltage : Input 48 VDC,
Voltage: Output 120VAC 50/60Hz,
Battery charger: 0-50 A

Features :

-Excellent overload capabilities
-True sine wave voltage
-Adjustable integrated battery charger
-Optimal battery protection
-Parallel connectable
-Automatic load detection
-Multistage programmable battery charger with PFC
-Multifunction contact
-High efficiency
-Reliable and noiseless with any kind of load
-Standby load detection adjustable over a wide range, starting from a low value
-Best reliability
-Ultra-fast transfer relay
-Can be used as a back-up system or uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
-Adjustable power sharing
-Support of AC sources (Smart Boost)
-Automatic support for peak loads (Power Shaving)
-Control by digital signal processor (DSP)

Electronic protection functions:

-Deep discharge protection
-Battery overvoltage shutdown
-Overtemperature and overload protection
-Short circuit protection
-Reverse polarity protection by internal fuse
-Acoustic alarm at deep discharge or overheating

XTS Models

The XTS series was designed and built to be an entry level version of the Xtender series.
You may need to purchase additional modules to support some of the above functionality.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg

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