LED-Spotlight Phaesun Miss Beam 25W 90 D

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27 W, 12 VDC, LED current 690 mA, 3250 lm, neutral white, IP65, 8 LEDs, 90° beam angle, with LED driver, 1 m cable 2x 1,5²

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Mister Beam is an extremely bright spot light, that is best suitable for outdoor or indoor applications, such as for bill boards, advertising walls, for a stage, foyers etc.
Due to the DC voltage it is best suitable for Off-Grid PV systems. The power consumption extremely low, but the light intensity is as bright as the light of a 600 W halogen light.


    • Extremely bright spot light
    • Best suitable for DC applications
    • Neutral white light
    • IP65

with LED driver, 1 m cable 2x 1,5²
Power: 27W
Voltage range: 12V
Luminous flux: 3250 lm
Beam angle: 90°
Numbers of LED: 8

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Weight 0,72 kg
Dimensions 166 × 54 × 112 cm

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