Solar Charge Controller MPPT Studer Variostring VS-120

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Dimensions : 466 x 322 x 133 mm (LxWxH)

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Solar Charge Controller MPPT Studer Variostring VS-120  responds to the toughest requirements in efficiency of solar installations. It also reduces the system costs by accepting PV strings up to 600 or 900VDC. This allows for a simpler installation, reduces material costs by the reduction in cable cross-section and length, the absence of junction boxes and string fuses.

Technical Data:
-Battery voltage 48V
-VOC 600V/900V
-2 strings with 3500W = 7000W maximum solar power recommended
-120A maximum charge current

-Reduces balance of system costs
-Safe, simple and trouble free connection with SUNCLIXTM (Phoenix Contact “tool free”) PV connector.
-Fully protected against wrong wiring
-Simplified safety rules by full isolation between PV and battery and between MPPT inputs
-Any grounding strategy applicable thanks to isolated MPPT inputs
-Grounding system fault detection
-Fast precise best in class tracking algorithm brings MPPT efficiency >99%
-World champion for efficiency in isolated converter with >98% conversion efficiency
-7kW per unit and up to 15 units in parallel: 105kW
-Low self-consumption: <1.2W in night mode
-4 step charger fully programmable for longer battery life
-9 LEDs to monitor status and current
-Optimal usage in an Xtender system with a synchronized battery management
-Comprehensive display
-Programming and data logging with the RCC-02/-03 SUNCLIXTM


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