Solar Module Sunware 20163 27Wp /12V

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Dimensions: 426 x 481 x 6 mm (LxWxH)

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The new Sunware modules are significantly lighter, more compact and more powerful compared to previous models. The high-performance crystalline solar cells are protected in an EVA laminate and ETFE coatings against weathering. Even in diffused light conditions or even in winter, the modules produce a high charging current.

The Sunware modules have an extremely flat design without any sharp-edged components or corners. As well as using them on sailing yachts and motorboats, their thin design makes these modules suitable for caravans too.

With a stainless steel reverse side which is acid and seawater resistant, these modules are particularly robust, but can also be used for convex surfaces.
The modules of series 20 have a front-side cable cap, those of series 40 have a back-side cable cab.

Technical data
P max 27 watts peak
U max 20.0 Volt
I max 1.44 Amps
You are 24.1 Volt
I sc 1.36 Amps
Dimensions: 426 x 481 x 4 mm (LxWxH) Mounting
Batt. System 12 Volt


All 12V standard solar modules
Designed with 40 cells
Seawater tight cable outlet
Selfcleaning surface
Can be fitted without rear ventilation
Any voltage drop due to high outside temperatures is compensated by the 4 additionally integrated cells to enable a full recharge of the battery

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Weight 2,3 kg

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