Votronic charging converter VCC 1212, 12V to 12V Booster

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Charge a 12V battery from another battery (starter battery) for boat, camper.

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Charge a 12V battery from another battery (starter battery) into a boat, camper.
The charging converters ensure optimised and quick charging of the supply battery by the dynamo during driving. In contrast to simple cutoff relays, the charging voltage will be raised to the value, which is required for full charging of the corresponding battery type and which is prescribed by the battery manufacturers. So, the full charging current is available, and the battery is charged with considerable current rates within short time. Long charging cables and losses, as well as voltage fluctuations at the dynamo are neatly compensated. Charging converters with different input and output voltage rates (12V / 24V or 24 V/12 V) allow simple charging of a second battery, even without installation of a second dynamo.

Thus, the charging converter ensures the known high-quality battery charging of the VOTRONIC chargers also during driving. Due to the intelligent microprocessor charging control with characteristic lines of charging „IU1oU2oU3“ and dynamic charging time calculation an automatic, quick and gentle full charging is ensured, as well as subsequent trickle charge of the connected batteries from any charging state. At the same time, simultaneous supply of consumers in parallel to the supply battery is ensured.

Choose from several effects / power:
DC / DC charging converter VCC 1212-30, 12V to 12V, 30A
DC / DC charging converter VCC 1212-50, 12V to 12V, 50A
DC / DC charging converter VCC 1212-70, 12V to 12V, 70A
DC / DC charging converter VCC 1212-90, 12V to 12V, 90A

The efficient charging converter ensures high charging capacity, already within short distances.
Full charging when driving longer distancesIt increases/reduces the voltage to the level, which is required for precise charging of the board battery with the optimum charging characteristic line.
Cable losses and considerable voltage fluctuations of the generator, known from Euro 6 vehicles (intelligent alternators), are completely compensated.
The charging converters excel by their compact design, low weight (high-frequency switch mode technology) and powerfully dimensioned power components for safe operation.
The energy balance of the board battery is considerably improved, without intervention into the starter circuit.
The simultaneously supplied 12 V consumer loads are protected against overvoltage and voltage fluctuations.
The charging voltage is free from peaks and is controlled in such a way, that overcharging of the batteries is excluded.
Fully Automatic Operation: The unit is permanently connected to the batteries, and it is automatically activated by the running generator of the vehicle. Battery discharge in case of an engine stop is avoided.

Votronic VCC 1212

Votronic VCC 1212

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